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A Journey to Self Mastery...

Dive deep and discover the true, authentic you! Self Mastery can be complicated. It can be confusing. We tend to lose our Self as we take on roles as parents, spouses, caregivers, and take on jobs that aren't in alignment with our true purpose. Sometimes we put so much emphasis on "doing the right thing" or following a path of what others want or need us to do or be. I've been there! Once I began to align my life with my Self, things surfaced and became much clearer. Making changes in life to connect the two is so important!  In order to fulfill your life purpose you need to live in alignment with your highest inner Self!


I am here to help guide you and walk you through the steps that helped me to find that path! I utilize methods and modalities that help you discover your own answers! I am not here to tell you who you are, or what you should do. The true answers are within YOU! I guide you down your own path of spiritual development. I incorporate spiritual principles and practices such as Astrology, Numerology, Law of Attraction, Charkra Balancing, Meditation, Pendulum Readings, Oracle/Tarot Readings and Divine Guidance from Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters into my coaching. I approach life from a 6 sensory perspective and apply that in the guidance I give to my clients. I believe in living a life of balance and moderation. We can't always be "on". No one is perfect. Perfection is a false sense created by the Ego-Mind.  

1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

Each session purchased is equal to 1 60 minute 1:1 phone call, jam packed with intense spiritual life guidance with Danielle! (5 Sessions = 5 calls)

∆ Sessions are customized to your individual needs
∆ Suggested action steps to practice in between sessions
∆ Oracle Card Reading with each session
∆ Photo of the cards pulled during the session
∆ Email access to Danielle w/a response time of 24 hours in between sessions
∆ Clarity on what changes you need to make to live the life you desire

***Please schedule a 30 minute FREE Coffee & Crystals Chat prior to purchasing to ensure we are in alignment to work together