Oracle and Tarot Card Readings

3 Card Spread.png

3 Card Spread

Your choice of:
Now/Future/Distant Future
The Issue/Don't Do This/Do This
Person A/Person B/Connecting Energy
A specific situation or question may be used to set the intention for the reading or a general reading may be given.  A yes/no answer may be given. 

Clarity Spread.png

Clarity Spread

4 Card Spread used to get clear regarding a perplexing situation. 
1) The Energy Around the Situation
2-4) Contributing Factors


Full Moon Spread

5 Questions that correlate with the energy of the current full moon.

The Full Moon energy is all about releasing what no longer serves our highest good! 

This reading is only done on the day before or day of a Full Moon.  Please feel free to inquire about the date of the upcoming Full Moon! 

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New Moon Spread

5 Questions that correlate with the energy of the current New Moon!  

New Moons are a great time to set new intentions and new goals! A time for new beginnings! 

These readings are only done the day before or the day of a New Moon. Please feel free to inquire about dates of the upcoming New Moon! 

Connection Spread.png

Connection Spread

5 Card Spread regarding a specific relationship. Doesn't have to be a romantic relationship. No specific questions are asked. 
1) You
2) Your Challenge
3) The Other Person
4) Their Challenge
5) The Uniting Force

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Horseshoe Spread

5 Card Spread focused around 1 question:
1) Past events that may be influencing the question
2) Present events
3) Immediate future
4) Obstacles or Challenges
5) Likely outcome/guidance

Doubts & Fears Spread.png

Doubts & Fears Spread

6 Card Reading w/guidance around these areas:
1) What I want
2) What are my intentions
3) What needs to be released
4) Guidance
5) Goals from the Universe
6) Changes

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Celtic Cross Spread

10 Card Spread:
1) Where you are right now
2) Challenges
3) What to focus on
4) Root of the issue/Past
5) Strengths
6) Near Future
7) Suggested Approach
8) What you need to know
9) Action Advice
10) Likely Outcome

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12 Month Spread

Typically done at the beginning of the year but can be done at any time.  No specific question is asked. 
16 Cards:
1) Soul Card
2) Past
3) Present
4)Theme of the Future
5-16) 1 Card for each month