The Honey Facelift Massage’s baby sister!

The combination of the Honeylift lotion and the ancient modality of acupressure put together into a 30 minute facial service will leave you seeing results like:

✔️ Relief of facial pressure
✔️ Released stuck energy in facial muscles 
✔️ A light exfoliation of the skin 
✔️ Softening of fine lines
✔️ Increased immune response of the face
✔️ Refreshed skin 
✔️ Full body relaxation

Honey has amazing healing properties for the skin! It contains antioxidants, antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. Honey removes impurities from then skin lessening congestion (aka-pimples and blackheads). It also provides hydration, firming and shrinks pore size while boosting the body’s immune system response.

Tapping on major acupressure points of the face actually helps the entire body to relax on a deeper level while opening and clearing meridians of stagnant energy, It also provides healing for other organs of the body.


2 Ways to Schedule!

The Acu-Tap service is a 30 minute service that can be booked as a stand alone session or added on to any massage session.

Acu-Tap let’s you reap the rewards and benefits of acupressure techniques paired with the healing skin care properties of the Honey Facelift massage lotion!

•Release stagnant energy, stress and tension in the face
•Relieve sinus pressure
•Provides a light, gentle exfoliation
•Super hydrating
•Increases the immune response in the face
•Refreshing and relaxing