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Everything Happens For A Reason

Reflecting back on my life, spirituality has always played it's part. I never truly got serious about it until a few years ago. Truth is, I felt I wasn't religious enough to be spiritual. I was raised Lutheran but we weren't avid church goers. I attended Sunday School as a young child but that was the extent of it. I was raised with Christian beliefs but was never taught the ins and outs of the bible and the rules I needed to follow. Which was probably a good thing...I'm not much of a rule follower! Haha! I don't like conformity. I like my own way of doing things :) And frankly, telling me how to do something makes me want to do it differently that much more! Ok, I do follow rules when it's necessary. I don't like getting into trouble. It's all about balance! See...there's where this balance and moderation concept comes into play. I've literally applied this my entire life!  So back to religion: Religion never felt right to me. I've gone to church. I've tried to find a church where I felt as though I belonged. I never really resonated with the concept of going to church to have a relationship with God. God is everywhere. I can pray to him and call on him wherever I am, not just in church. Then one day, I had a friend say to me, "You don't have to be religious to be spiritual!". BOOM! Mind-blown! Holy shit, she was right! The words "spiritual" and "religious" are often used synonymously when in fact they don't mean the same thing at all! Yes, they can be used together but they are not one in the same! Seriously, learning the difference caused a HUGE breakthrough for me! 


     I've always been fascinated with different New Age spiritual concepts. Astrology was probably my first spiritual obsession. I would always turn to the Horoscope section in the newspaper or in a magazine to see what the stars had aligned for me! I always found it incredibly interesting how much I resonate with the traits of being born under the Gemini sign! I've always taken great pride in being a Gemini! So much so, I wear a Roman Numeral II tattoo on my left shoulder blade (teal of course)!  While on the topic of tattoos. I also proudly wear a cross on my right shoulder blade. Crosses always appealed to me. The symbol always meant more to me than religion. When I was younger, it wasn't ever clear to me as to what that was. Now it's clear to me that it represents my spiritual journey.  Aside from Astrology, mediums and psychics intrigued me as well. The concept of life after death and "the other side" was incredibly fascinating and those who communicate and are able to tap into that gift were even more fascinating! I love knowing those who have passed send us messages! Knowing they are still with us is such a great feeling and receiving validation of that is truly amazing! Many times Angels use numbers to send us messages. I have noticed Angel Numbers all my life. I may not have known what they meant but the recurring number 24 everywhere I turned never went unnoticed. I receive Angel Number messaged daily.  Be sure to grab my FREE Angel Number Guide ! Angel numbers are one of my favorite ways the Angels communicate with us! Following world renowned psychic, Sylvia Browne is what really peaked my spiritual interest. Her spiritual concepts and theories made so much sense to me! I felt like I had finally found my place in the spiritual world! 

How I got to where I am today:

    At one point of my life I started to feel lost. Not unhappy or ungrateful, just lost. I didn't feel like I was "me" anymore. I had been so busy putting all of my efforts into being a mom, a wife, a hairdresser, a dance teacher or whatever role anyone else needed me to be. I had decided it was time to connect with my true Self. Taking the step to begin a journey of Self Discovery is not an easy one. You have to be willing to make changes to truly live as your highest Self. There is a lot of digging deep and remembering things you may not like about yourself.  I've always been known to "learn the hard way". I've made turns down some pretty interesting paths on my journey but I have never regretted any of them. Each one of those things has taught me more than any textbook or school teacher could ever teach me. I started to reflect on things I wanted to change. I started following more spiritual gurus to make sense of the things that lead to me where I was. Unveiling piece by piece has been such an amazing journey! I have discovered what I am good at. I am clear on what I want and I am clear on what I don't want! I have discovered my purpose, what feeds my spirit and who I am! I am creating a life of love, joy and happiness within so that I am able to reflect that love, joy and happiness to those around me! It ALL starts within! Within your SELF ! Am I 100% there? Absolutely not. I don't think anyone ever is. Life is ever changing. The world is ever changing. Staying in alignment and consistently connecting with your Self is extremely important!  Change is good and being able to flow with those changes will make this life a hell of a lot easier! Live in the present. Acknowledge the past. Acknowledge the future but live in the NOW!


No one else can create this life but YOU!


Love and Light,