Planetary Happenings

🌑 New Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ + Mercury & Chiron station direct

Ah, the last new moon of 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣

The theme here is inner healing and expansion. So many incredibly beautiful new beginnings are taking their steps towards creation!

You may find yourself being triggered or tested quite often right now. This is just your Higher Self showing you what needs to be cleared, healed and understood. Demonstrate self mastery. You are safe and you can handle it!

This shit must GO before the solstice on December 21st! We can't be taking this baggage through that gateway. Clear those fears, traumas and heavy energy! #unnecessary

Since Mercury stationed direct in Scorpio yesterday ♏️ you should find clarity on old issues that have been resurfacing these past few weeks. Like an understanding of why things had to be this way. Embrace it and start moving forward again!

By accepting things the way they are holds so much POWER! Be at peace with the situation and allow the transformation to begin it's process!

Patience is needed as much as we want things to instantly change but so much is out of our control. While you wait, you have the choice to on how YOU react as it all unfolds for your highest good!

Be grateful for what is in the present. Count your blessings!

Embrace the beautiful expansion and optimism this new moon's energy is flowing to you‼️


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Venus Retrograde- What you need to know!

Venus moonwalks through the signs of Scorpio and Libra October 5th for aprox 6 weeks. November 16th she goes direct.

This only happens every 18-20 months. However, the 8 year cycle of Venus is pretty significant though. So take a moment to reflect back to October 8-November 19, 2010. Go ahead- scroll back in your timeline and camera roll. How does this relate to where you are currently? Similar themes may occur! Relationships, finances, creative projects.

Let's recap what will happen with the energy around this retrograde.

Some key things to know here:
•Venus represents women, love, relationships, money, gifts, art and beauty. 
•The sign of Scorpio is dark and mysterious and is associated with sex, money, death, power, transformation and self analysis. 
•Libra loves balance and harmony and all things beauty.

Basically Libra is the heavenly heartthrob and Scorpio is the celestial sexpot 😆 (I totally stole that but it's too good to not share)

Venus has been in Scorpio since September 8th. You may already feel a strong connection to your inner desires or hidden motivations.

Get ready bc this retrograde is a time for deep learning! Perhaps about love and/or sexuality or even money and power. Your ability to create something new and bring it to fruition will be tested!

This retrograde has 2 phases. Venus begins as an evening star but as she positions herself direct she will be in conjuction with sun in Libra.

The first half of this phase is all inner work. Receptive and gentle energy is needed. Put old issues to rest and bad behaviors to bed. The second half is when temptation will arise. Venus will bring out the warrior in you! Reawaken your passions and greet new opportunities with love!

Tips on embracing this energy:
▵ Not the best time to make a major commitment. Scorpio has hidden agendas and can be secretive. 
▵ If a new relationship begins, it is based on emotion right now. Wait until Venus enters Libra to reevaluate. Scorpio is emotional. Libra is more rational.
▵ Past lovers may re-emerge. 
▵ You may feel the need for more alone time. 
▵ Lots of seductive energy will be present
▵ You may be confronted with issues around power and control
▵ Female power is eminent 
▵ Making a major purchase or investment isn't advised. Keep close tabs on your finances. A good time to handle debt or to set a plan to save. 
▵ Great time to find second hand bargains or to recycle items

Here is a quick run down of what Venus is triggering. Read your sun sign and rising/ascendant sign:

♏️Scorpio- self development, your image, your ability to attract others
♐️Sagittarius- letting go, grieving, inner work, secrets
♑️Capricorn- love and friendship, unrequited longings, feminine energy
♒️Aquarius- direction of your life, mixing business and pleasure
♓️Pisces- foreign lovers, holiday romances, crossing cultural divides
♈️Aries- your sexuality, debt, inheritance, spicing up your sex life
♉️Taurus- personal and professional relationships, spicing up your sex life
♊️Gemini- work encounters, healthy relationships, giving more than you take
♋️Cancer- romance, passionate affairs, children and pregnancy, creative projects
♌️Leo- home and family, childhood sweethearts, returning to the past
♍️Virgo- heart-to-hearts, deep and intimate encounters, talks about love and sex
♎️Libra- values, possessions, what you are willing to give or take for love


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