Yoga Myths Debunked

I have so many people tell me that they could never do yoga for various reasons.


Let's debunk some of these myths around this mindset, shall we❓

Myth #1️⃣:

"I could NEVER bend myself into a pretzel like that!"

Truth is: Yoga isn't about being flexible. It's about enhancing your own flexibility. Opening up areas of your body to all more movement and strength. But being flexible is NOT a requirement to being physically able to practice yoga. Nor is it required to enjoy it!

Myth #2️⃣:

" I can't get down in the floor." or "I can't do this." or "I can't do that."

There are so many types of yoga! There truly is a style for everyone! Chair yoga for those who can't get on the floor. Power Yoga for the go get em powerhouses that need that rush! Yin Yoga for those who want the gentle, soft, meditative vibe. Restorative Yoga, if you need lots of props to help your body hold positions. Vinyasa if you want to flow through a sequence. Soooo many MORE too! Do some research or ask me for suggestions! If you've tried a class and it wasn't for you, try-try-again! I guarantee there is something for you in the world of yoga!

Myth #3️⃣:

"I won't be as "good" as everyone else."

Yoga is a personal practice. Not everyone's practice will look the same. There is so much pressure to look like the skinny chick on the cover of a yoga magazine or to do the crazy complicated asana posted on Instagram. Stop that! Yoga is about YOU and YOUR body. How YOU feel and what works for YOU! If you need 5 different props for create a comfortable pose...DO IT!

Myth #4️⃣:

"Yoga is only for physical exercise."

Yoga is a total mind-body-soul experience but again everyone's practice is unique. If physical exercise is what your intention is then that is perfectly OK. If you want to take your practice inward and use it as a time to quiet the mind and connect on a soul level within, its the perfect time to incorporate that in! You can make it whatever you choose!

I hope this has opened your mind to the possibilities of what yoga can offer and inspires you to grab a mat and try it out❗️

I love educating my clients on how to incorporate yoga poses into their treatment plans along with massage to find relief and  a better quality of health and well being