Signs That Your Angels Are Among You

Ever wondered if your guardian angel was nearby? Ever wished that you could get a sign from a loved one who has passed away? Often times we don’t take notice to the little synchronicities and hints they drop right in front of us! Pay attention to the following signs and know that spirit is nearby and keeping a watchful eye on you :)

1) What’s that smell?

Ever walked into a room and thought it smelled really familiar? Maybe a cologne, perfume or floral scent that reminds you of a passed loved one wafts across your nose. Or maybe the smell of baked goods or cigarette smoke and no one is smoking or baking? Chances are spirit is making it known they are right there with you!

2) Light Beams

Sure the sun comes through the window but if you spot a light beam with no obvious source, its a sure tell way to know that an angel is passing through. A flashes or shimmer of light is are ways they communicate with us in the physical plane.

3)Temperature Fluctuations

Ever walk across a room and hit a cold spot? Or your totally toasty and all of a sudden the air gets chilly? Yep, you guessed it! Spirit is making it’s presence known! It is often said that chilly air means a ghost and warm temps are work of angels. Use your intuition! Who is nearby? Or you can ask for another sign for confirmation.

4) Repeating Numbers

Or Angel Numbers as they are often referred to as. Do you find yourself noticing certain numbers around you? On the clock, on license plates, on signs and posters? Angels love to communicate this way! Certain numbers have certain meanings! Check out my Angel Number Book here!

5) Feathers

Spirit likes to lay feathers in our path for us to find as a sign they are nearby! Typically these are signs of good luck or in harder times that positive change is ahead!

6) Babies

Babies are the pure innocence of the world. They haven’t been tainted by society’s views and have a clear open mind. If you see a babe giggling and staring off into an area of the room where no one or nothing is near, chances are they are communicating with spirit!

7) Clouds

When you glance up at the sky and notice a creative or interesting cloud formation, it is highly likely your angels are trying to send you message! What do you see? Use you intuition to decode the message!

8) Coins

This one is very common. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters sprinkled about randomly for you to find! It’s kind of like a game! Know your loved ones are near! The message could be about your finances! Check the date on the coin too! It could have significance!

9) Rainbows

In difficult times, angels like to present us with rainbows to show us that there is light in the situation. They want you to feel hope, love and positivity among the darkness. Embrace the peace and mindfulness this brings!

10) Signs or Phrases

If you are in need of guidance, often times spirit will plant a sign or phrase in our path that will point you in the direction you need to take. Sometimes this can be subtle and other times very bold and blunt! Ask and you shall receive!

11) Intuition

Our intuition is so incredibly powerful. If you have a feeling or sense that spirit is near, you are absolutely right! Never discount that feeling. You are feeling it for a reason!

So keep your eyes peeled, your mind open and awareness alert! Our guides, angels and spirit are always sending us the signs and signals that we need to guid us on our journey! Don’t be too busy to notice them!

Signs from Spirit.png