November 23rd at 1:10AM the full moon in Gemini will be at it's peek.

WHEW‼️ This Gem is definitely feeling this already❗️

This full moon is square Mars in Pisces and with this positioning you may feel temperamental.

You might be feeling brave and strong but hold up buttercup, simma down! That energy could make you reckless! 😳

Control yo'self❗️Control your emotions. Release frustrations slowly. If you don't, you may have some regrets later.

If you keep up a level of discomfort though, it will seep over into your relationships. So let that shit go...in a calm, controlled manner.

The moon is also opposite Jupiter. Which may cause unwanted attention or lack of self control.

Being aggressive during this energy is a complete NO-NO 🙅🏼! Think before you speak and think before you act! Don't be impulsive‼️

And if that wasn't enough...

The full moon is in curious Gemini, and its planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde in spontaneous Sagittarius. Plus the sun is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius TOO! 😱

What kind of crazy planetary algebra problem is that⁉️

With the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in Sagittarius, this full moon is pushing us to leave all that's familiar (Gemini) behind us, in order for us to explore (Sagittarius) the unknown, and ultimately grow from our experiences.

If there's one thing you will learn from this energy is, it's time to move on. You can't hang on to all that's familiar for the rest of your life, because the reality is, you won't grow. Sometimes growth hurts, but with lucky Jupiter on our side, it won't be so bad.

The Gem energy is saying think and be realistic and the Sag energy is saying just go for it‼️

My advice to you is, focus on putting your emotions and anxiety (Pisces) to the side, and focus on your future (Sagittarius) goals. Mercury in RX can cause a feeling of being stuck which can be a bit confusing. Have faith and surrender to new beginnings♥️

Don't be afraid to JUMP and embrace the energy.

Live in FLOW is the message I have been receiving from my guides all day so I pass that on to you 😇


Full Moon.png