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Herbal Infusion

CBD infused facial service

Benefits of CBD Skin Care

CBD has been studied for its relaxing, pain-relieving, and anti-anxiety properties when taken internally. It has also been found to have calming and therapeutic benefits when applied topically to the skin. It has been shown to help reduce painful and inflammation of the skin and may even help ease the discomfort of headaches. CBD also has potent antioxidant effects, which means it may help counteract signs of aging caused by free radicals. CBD is safe and effective for all skin types, but especially helpful to people who struggle with inflammatory skin conditions, skin sensitivity, headaches, skin dryness, and acne. Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help support the skin’s natural healing process, shortening the lifespan of breakouts and eczema/psoriasis flare-ups. If you are struggling with skin issues, consider using CBD as an effective skin care solution.

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Will it get me high?

Not at all! While the hemp plant is part of the cannabis sativa plant family, it contains less than .03% THC. No psychoactive side effects here!