What’s in your cup?

Smart coffee…Happy coffee

Not a coffee fan? We got you! This proprietary functional beverage comes in a hot chocolate flavor too!

Our revolutionary, dark roasted, Columbia instant coffee focuses on weight loss and cognitive functions. A coffee created to combat the many health issues we are facing today. Infused with Noortropics, our coffee is used to stimulate the “feel good” chemicals in your brain, thus using your own body to create better cognitive function, provide enhanced focus, creativity and motivation. Elevate Coffee will help reboot your ecosystem, which can boost your memory, burn more calories and elevate your mood. Our unique ingredients will change the way your brain craves unhealthy foods by attacking the root of the cause in your brain. This special blend can also help boost your metabolism, lose weight and inches and eliminate the jitters that you find in most coffee. Can your coffee do this?!

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Experience the difference

  • Energize naturally

  • Elevate positive mood

  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • Provides anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects

  • Boost memory

  • Increase mental clarity

  • Reduced brain fog

  • Enhance focus, alertness and concentration

  • Eliminate jitters

  • Reboot your ecosystem

  • Suppress appetite

  • Increase metabolism

  • Curb hunger cravings

  • Lose weight and inches

  • Burn more fat and more!

Coffee and Hot Chocolate (Choclevate) flavors!